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Mozilla Seabird: The ‘kewlest’ Concept Phone!

December 1, 2010

Glimpse of the Mozilla SeabirdHere’s a glimpse of a brilliant concept phone designed by a man who is just bored with life–no no, I’m just kidding! =P Seriously, it was by an award-winning designer specializing in consumer electronics, lighting and visualization… a man named Bill May.  (I am just so jealous of him now!)

And this is his phone… the Mozilla Seabird!

Calling Apple, Samsung, Sony… anybody!!!  Can you build this, please?  This is way cooler than the PSP Phone or even the iPhone, and far more sexy!

What I love about this phone is how usable it looks… it’s like something out of a Star Trek movie (the newer one)!  I wish I could design something like that–with the projected keyboard and all!  What could I possibly design for a website that could match that?  The Seabird embodies UX Design–it’s just incredibly practical!

More than anything, the Mozilla Seabird is inspiring and very hopeful.  I may be into systems design and creating prototypes of websites, but I’m excited about the technology presented in this concept make it’s way to websites… In fact, it’s been here for quite a while using Flash with webcam motion tracking!  Although I haven’t seen a lot of applications implementing that, so I guess it hasn’t caught up yet even if it has been there since version 8.   But maybe now after seeing the Seabird, it will =)

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