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Bring BRANDON ROUTH Back for Superman!

December 13, 2010

I never thought another actor could match Christopher Reeve’s performance as the mild mannered Clark Kent and the larger-than-life-super-hero-of-all-time Superman.  Well, I was wrong.  Brandon Routh did a really convincing performance in Superman Returns and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Which is why I was so surprised and incredibly saddened to hear that Brandon Routh may NOT be playing this role in the next reboot of Superman… but hey, I don’t even think another reboot is necessary! Personally, I really enjoyed they way Superman Returns maintained the classic feel of the franchise and at the same time become up to date and very current.  It was brilliant!  The only sad thing was that they wasted so much money in the years before the production of the real deal, and that has now led to the “re-reboot”… and it’s just incredibly sad…

My heart goes out to the perfect cast of Superman Returns, and I’m really rooting for ALL of them, especially Brandon Routh, to continue on in the re-reboot of Superman, if that’s absolutely necessary.  To those who don’t want Superman to “die”, keep Brandon Routh in it, keep the rest of the cast in it, and cast your vote in this twitition:

Brandon Routh as Superman

Come on, just look at this picture, how can you not believe he is Superman?  Don’t fix what isn’t broken!  Please keep the whole cast and stick to the classic feel of the story…

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