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Mike Huckabee IS My President

March 5, 2011

America didn’t vote for him, but if it were only possible and if I could vote for him, I’d love to have Mike Huckabee as President of the Philippines.

Even before Obama became President of the United States, I was already rooting for Huckabee.  He goes right down to the heart of the problem (broken families and family values, among others), and his solutions are practical, biblical, and honest… no bull.

I know I’ll be criticised for promoting a book I haven’t read yet, but I don’t have to read it to know that it is a book every person, regardless of race, MUST READ, especially when it was written by a leader with outstanding values.  (We all need a good role model and good advice for critical issues.)

A Simple Government is a book where Huckabee shares his insights on good governance.  Just reading excerpts of it makes me wish our country has a leader who thinks like him.  The book may be about the political, social, and moral temperatures in America, but any nation will benefit from the insights of this book.  We can’t ignore where our society’s problems are stemming from and we have to stop placing bandages over wraps over band aids.  We’re not solving our problems that way.

A Simple Government

I’ll be looking forward to purchasing this book at a local bookstore nearby.  I hope they have it soon!  And I hope the leaders in our country will buy it and read it as well.

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