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Can A Government Really Shut Down?

April 8, 2011

That’s the first I’ve heard of something like this, and in fact this is the first time I earned that the U.S. Government has done this before!  They seem to be considering it again… actually, it was just delayed for another week from today!  And it’s because of the failure between Obama and congress to reach an agreement regarding their fiscal year spending plan.

Boy, I thought and the six other open government sites had a chance of surviving…  No matter how many people signs the petition to save the data, the real problem is where to get the money to fund it.  The other (more important) questions are, how long will this shutdown take?  How will health care operate?  Isn’t the post office also under the government?  What about services like those?  What about their economy? How deep is the hole America is in right now?  Will they still be able to crawl out of it?

This is history right before my eyes.

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