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All So Sudden: The Death of Captain Montgomery

May 18, 2011

It was unbelievable and unexpected.  I watched it happen but I could not accept it.  Captain Montgomery is dead.  Beckett leaned to kiss the forehead of her captain after he bravely assassinated all of the five men responsible for her mother’s death.  But Montgomery suffered the same fate.  He sacrificed his life to pay for his sins in the past in order to protect his family, and Beckett.

In the funeral, it was unbearable to see the usually light-hearted and funny bunch of detectives… and Castle, in mourning, while carrying their beloved captain to his resting place.  It was a gripping scene I would have never expected from the season finale of Castle (Season 3).

And just when I thought it was over, Castle notices light in the distance, and reacts too late to bring Beckett down to protect her.  But the sniper’s bullet already penetrated Beckett, and now she too was dying.  It had finally reached this moment.  He would have wanted to say it in another time and place and a different circumstance, but Castle knew he only had a few moments left to tell Beckett, “I love you, Kate.”

Castle, my favorite TV series followed by The Good Wife, has made a bold move to shift to a more serious and dramatic mood.  They ended this season with the very words fans like myself have longed to hear from Castle (to Beckett).  And though I hated it to be at the expense of losing the father of the team, Montgomery, it was a formula that made Castle’s “I love you” even sweeter.  We knew that Beckett should and will survive an assassination attempt on her, and it wasn’t the first time Castle and Beckett were close to their deaths.  But the death of Montgomery followed by the assassination attempt on Beckett and then Castle finally admitting his love for Beckett… it was an explosion of emotions my heart could not take that it makes me unable to wait for Season 4!  I have to admit though, just like Montgomery’s wife held the neatly folded American flag close to her heart wishing perhaps that things were different, the same was how I felt about seeing a very dear and important character in the story taken away prematurely.  I am pleased with the emotional roller-coaster, the entertainment and adventure I get from watching Castle, but I am extremely saddened that they killed off Montgomery.

Which makes me wonder now how Season 4 will be.  Will Beckett be promoted to captain?  If not, who will the new captain be?  Are Castle and Beckett finally together?  Will the  series take a more serious tone from now on?  Will Alexis be off to college by then?  Will I be blown away with another unexpected twist that changes the history of Castle entirely?  September seems so far away…

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