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Re: What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world.

December 8, 2011

Thank you, Sir, for sharing this video with me!  It enlightened me so much that I want to share it with everyone! =)

Amen to Ted’s message.

I’ve been asked recently about it: “What do you think of this (video)? Do you think the semantic web has something to do with this?”

My short answer to that is “No.”

My long answer is…

“The algorithms deciding what information to filter from the viewing public is not the goal of the semantic web nor does it have any relation to the activities in building the semantic web.  The semantic web is about transparency, properly defining information and the proper organization of information so that the viewing public can better find and discover information.  The semantic web does not influence an individual’s decision or purpose for doing things, rather it promotes openness by institutions so that the viewing public can make better informed decisions.  It makes it easier to find truly relevant information first, but it will also not hide poorly organized information from the public, it’s just seen much later.

On the other hand, FILTERING and MANIPULATION is a business strategy.  ISOLATION (or too much PERSONALIZATION) plays on SELF-GAIN, FEEDING THE EGO, or blinding one’s self from reality that the activity one does now is only relevant to himself and without any regard for others.  HIDING INFORMATION is the same as not revealing the whole truth to an individual, which is close to LYING about the real state of the world or what the people really need.  So, although information/web pages with proper SEO and metadata—after being crawled will be better indexed than a web page that has poor metadata—if come results generation another algorithm is run to weigh the potential results against “personal preferences” or “community-wide behaviors”, then there is a chance your winningly SEO’d web page may not be seen at all if it does not match preferential criteria.  It is WRONG for algorithms to decide on behalf of an individual what should be seen ONLY or not seen EVER.  Ted was absolutely right to be concerned about how the “internet gods” control what information we see or not see.”

There, I said my piece.

Now this is a long shot, but there might be something we can do about this situation as individuals going about the web and doing our social obligations.  We should start caring to know about everyone and everything.  Purposely search for new things and do a lot of research.  Discover.  Learn.  WIDEN our own spheres and horizons.  If my preferences and past actions are the only barrier to the information that awaits me, then I’ll expand my preferences and interests, or place no cap to it at all.

I don’t want to stay cooped up in my own world and I won’t let any algorithm keep me here.

But if I can’t get what I need from the internet, then I’ll go out into the world and find it myself.  =)  (Although, I will need money…)

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