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From Washington: High School Diploma Losing Value

February 28, 2012

(This is a very late post…)

In this report: High School Diploma Losing Value, we find that employing a K-12 education DOES NOT GUARANTEE better education or even better opportunities for the Filipino graduate as stated by DepEd:

23 – The Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program will be instrumental in achieving the nation’s vision of a high school graduate. The benefits of the K+12 proposal far outweigh the additional costs that will be incurred by both government and families.

24 – An enhanced curriculum will decongest academic workload, giving students more time to master competencies and skills as well as time for other learning opportunities beyond the classroom, thus allowing for a more holistic development.

25 – Graduates will possess competencies and skills relevant to the job market. The K+12 proposal will be designed to adjust and meet the fast-changing demands of society to prepare graduates with skills essential for the world of work.

26 – Graduates will be prepared for higher education. Due to an enhanced curriculum that will provide relevant content and attuned with the changing needs of the times, basic education will ensure sufficient mastery of core subjects to its graduates such that graduates may opt to pursue higher education if they choose to.

27 – Graduates will be able to earn higher wages and/or better prepared to start their own business. There is a strong correlation between educational attainment and wage structure and studies specific to the Philippine setting show that an additional year of schooling increases earnings by 7.5%. This should also allow greater access to higher education for self-supporting students.

28 – Graduates could now be recognized abroad. Filipino graduates, e.g. engineers, architects, doctors, etc., could now be recognized as professionals in other countries. Those who intend to study abroad will meet the entrance requirements of foreign schools.

29 – The economy will experience accelerated growth in the long run. The objective of the K+12 program is to improve quality of basic education. Several studies have shown that the improvements in the quality of education will increase GDP growth by as much as 2%. Studies in the UK, India and US show that additional years of schooling also have positive overall impact on society.

30 – The Philippine education system will be at par with international standards. K+12 will facilitate mutual recognition of Filipino graduates and professionals following the Washington Accord and the Bologna Accord.

31 – A better educated society provides a sound foundation for long-term socio-economic development. The Enhanced K+12 Basic Education system will contribute to the development of emotionally and intellectually mature individuals capable of pursuing productive employment or entrepreneurship or higher education disciplines.

Come on.  Let’s not fool ourselves.  Bottom line, this K-12 system in our country is really only going to add more years for students and money for parents to spend for education.  Companies over here will still require minimum college graduates, even if DepEd claims the high school graduate will be equipped for skilled jobs.  And secondly, there just aren’t enough jobs for everyone.  Even graduates of nursing and IT end up in call centers…

DepEd also seems to avoid the real issue for poor education, and that is not in the number of years a student goes to school, but rather, their lack of benefits and compensation for public school teachers, the corruption of funds for what should be the development of schools, building more public libraries, setting up research facilities and of course, the government’s inability to produce jobs that will be fitting for every graduate based on what course they have taken.

They’re also lying when they say that the reason why we’re behind is because we’re the only country not following the K-12 format; we’re behind because of CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE IT CAN HAPPEN.  And how lame for DepEd to only have this plan for the future of our youngsters… to follow how America does it.  Hello, even they admit their education system is failing.  Read the report again!  DepEd also hasn’t done their homework well enough to look at the right direction and study a better education system, one that has been successful through many many years.  One coming from Finland.

Finland, for everyone’s information, does NOT follow the K-12 format.  They have a better system, and even better treatment for students.  Education is FREE, and best of all KEPT SHORT.  Where the K-12 format and schools in the US and around Asia go for longer hours, their school days are shorter.  And they have the best education in the world.  How do they do it?

Read these, I promise it’s very good.

I really can’t accept what DepEd is saying about the benefits of K-12 or even their generic discussion paper.  I also know that all government plans, bills, directives and projects are just there as an excuse to spend more, corrupt more, or give false reports to people that they’re doing something, anything!  This K-12 system is just another project they can milk from.

Don’t think I can be fooled.

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