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Don’t Pretend You Want To Solve This Peacefully

May 11, 2012

…Because you don’t.

You want to destroy us.  You want to claim our land.  And you are making it appear like we are leaving you no choice but to use force against us…  You have always wanted to use force against us.  You’ve always wanted to exercise your military prowess against our weak nation whom you know will not be able to fight back.  All your threats only prove how much of a coward you really are because you are trying to orchestrate a “war” against a weak nation whom you know you will win against.  You spread lies to your people about the scope of your land, and feed them hatred towards my people, making them believe we are the enemies.  You try to justify your intentions to the world by making it appear like you own our land when all you really want to do is to take what is not yours.  You are working very hard to make this war happen because deep inside your hearts this is what you want, so don’t lie to us and say to that world that my people are leaving you no choice but to strike us with force.  This will is entirely yours.  This sin is entirely your doing.

“No matter how willing we are to discuss the issue, the current Philippine leadership is intent on pressing us into a corner where there is no other option left but the use of arms,” the China Daily said in an editorial.

China issues warnings on Philippines

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