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Bing’s new look reminds me of RockMelt…

May 14, 2012

I just read this: Microsoft announces its latest Bing search overhaul plans

And I saw this:

And I thought, ‘wow, it’s kinda like RockMelt!”

Search for Japan Tsunami 2011

Search for Japan Tsunami 2011

Pretty soon there might be a standard social pain—I  mean pane, in every browser or search engine site.  I don’t know what to make of it yet.  It’s interesting yes, and maybe even useful for some… but why do I feel like it’s pushing too much social integration?  They’re seen and used everywhere!  Although I admit, the first time RockMelt came out I enjoyed the concept which is why I think I will also enjoy Bing’s new beta features… but not to use for myself; rather for marketing, engagement and optimization when we make apps or websites!

So, yeah, I think more than the consumers (who are just having fun sharing), it’s the data miners, researchers, developers, marketeers, and the big guys of the world wide web who will greatly benefit from social integrations like that of RockMelt or Bing.

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