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On the subject of TAXES and TAX REFORMS

August 31, 2014

I received this petition in my inbox this morning, asking for tax reforms:

I signed it of course, but I wanted to make a point as well. Asking for tax reforms and leaving the decision to officials we already know are corrupt regarding how it should be changed will not get us anywhere.

Don’t just demand tax reforms, be specific. Equality in the Philippines means everyone must be taxed equally, no brackets, and never beyond 10%. If God only asked for 10% tithes, why should government ask more? And there must be transparency in government by publishing monthly reports on the amount of taxes collected, and how much is used to pay the salaries of senators, congressmen and all PUBLIC officials, and how much is distributed per district as well as what projects they will be spent on. PH Government has so much money that is simply POCKETED by almost all officials from the very top, all the way down to the Sangguniang Kabataan. If corruption was eliminated, then government will survive with less than 10% tax from all levels. Government should also EMPLOY people SQUATTING ILLEGALLY by putting them to work in the clean up of Metro Manila, while their children are put in a program where they can get free academic education from high-tuition schools and universities as their way of giving back to society. There are so many things government must CHANGE aside from tax laws, because the way they spend or use TAX PAYER’s money makes their system unsustainable, that their only bright idea is to collect more from the already struggling middle-class. Tax Reform is NOT ENOUGH. Anti-dynasty laws, Transparency laws, and CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT for all Public officials that have accepted PORK and KICKBACK, as well as the confiscation of all Public Officials’ STOLEN income (with interest) must be taken back, so that replenishing the nation’s funds will not be the burden of taxpayers only, but government accountability as well.


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