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Remember tsū?

February 4, 2015

In my last post I introduced tsū as the social network that gives back.  Today I’m attesting that they absolutely do!

Let me describe first that I have done ZERO MAINTENANCE in the last two months after joining tsū last December.  After a few posts I did back then, I got busy and was not able to look into my tsū profile until yesterday.  My reason for returning to my profile was to share something interesting… but I actually forget what it was I wanted to share because to my surprise after logging in I saw this:

My tsū profile after absolutely zero maintenance.

My tsū profile after absolutely zero maintenance.

I EARNED SOMETHING.  Yes it’s just 1 US centavo, but I still earned something!  And my stats aren’t even anything to brag about (though I’ll show you anyway, this was taken as of today):

See, nothing to brag about...

See, nothing to brag about…

*Note that today and yesterday I already posted something new (though not what I originally intended to share, speaking of yesterday which I’m still trying to remember what it was I had to share…  Aah!!)

Anyway, seeing that their system actually works made me smile 🙂  It’s nice to see that the people behind tsū meant what they said.  Now the only thing I have to figure out is how to collect that money if it gets any bigger.  Again I don’t expect it to really grow so much (for me anyway) given that I’m a very casual user; I only post when I remember to post and my interactions are few.  But I’m still happy for this community and the people making it work (whether developer or active member).

Now if you’re the kind of person who has something new and interesting to share almost every hour of every day, this platform might just work to your advantage.  Here’s your invitation in case you want to try.

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