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#advocatemktg Twitter Chat: FEB 12, 2pm ET (11am PT)

February 10, 2015

The topic on this date is the CMO’s role in building brand in the age of advocacy.  Without a doubt I think CMO’s should spearhead advocate marketing in practice, though I think this twitter chat will be an interesting event for any marketer who wants to incorporate advocate marketing into their campaigns.

I think the next logical direction for future discussions will be how advocate marketing is only as effective as a company’s passion to deliver exceptional service for their customers, make a difference in their customers’ lives, and make a significant contribution to society.  In other words Advocate Marketing is only as effective as a company’s Corporate Citizenship.  Advocates are the kind of people who want to be a part of something more significant than themselves or their own needs.  A company/brand with poor corporate citizenship is not appealing to advocates no matter how effective its marketing campaigns have reached the advocates.  A CMO must be aligned with the company’s/brand’s commitment to corporate responsibility and then integrate that in advocate marketing strategies.  It becomes a problem when a company does not take corporate citizenship seriously, because with type of irresponsibility comes half-hearted campaigns at best (what I call “shallow marketing campaigns/tactics“), and it wouldn’t be enough to keep an advocate from turning into a passive customer,or worse, leave.

See you guys at the event!

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