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Contribution to the #marketing2025 debate

March 3, 2015


Posted under MARKETING ECONOMICS – Accountability, metrics and ROI of the #marketing2025 hackathon.

The argument:  For most, the holy grail of marketing return on investment remains elusive, despite significant efforts from heavyweights across the academic, business and consultancy communities. Valuing the real impact of marketing (not just communications) investment on organisational performance – be that profit-oriented or otherwise – remains highly-complex and lacking standardisation. Yet in the background, marketing technology has become more sophisticated, data and business intelligence more advanced and analytical capability more commonplace… so what’s needed to answer the calls of the CFO and the analyst community, and decode the science around marketing investment? Where and how will these issues develop over the next decade, and what other developments might have an impact?


Here are some of the contributions already made by the participants of the hackathon, including mine.  As I was composing my answer, it was hard not to touch upon the other topics in the hackathon because the issues are all related.  But hopefully I was able to bring up the extent of accountability expected in marketing today.

Other topics discussed were:

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