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Another contribution to the #marketing2025 debate

March 4, 2015

Yes another one!  This time under “Digital Strategy and Social Media“.  But I’ll keep my introduction short this time, here’s the permalink to the new post:

I’d like to add though, maybe… just maybe… I still feel strongly against #shallowmarketing because of past experiences.

The argument:  A decade ago there was no such thing as Twitter. Facebook was only open to students at a selection of US universities. There was no Gmail or Google Maps. The iPhone hadn’t been released and Blackberry and Nokia were still thriving. There was no App Store or the multi-billion dollar economy which accompanies it. And marketing technology implementations took months, not the moments they do now. This scale and pace of technological change has created new industries, new economies and new market rules. For marketing, it’s created as much complexity as it has opportunity. New skills, new models, new frameworks and new thinking. When we get to 2025 and look back another 10 years, what other changes will we be writing about and what impact will they have had?

Some of the contributions already made including mine.

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